Three Days of Rides

2024 Routes

The Horsey Hundred features a full array of routes for every skill level, from rolling 26 miles to a challenging century. You will ride through picturesque, rolling, central Kentucky horse farm country and see stone fences, small towns, and plenty of horses. We have rest stops every 15-25 miles for Saturday and Sunday Routes.


Saturday and Sunday routes start at Charles Brooking Park, near the two blue buildings on Fairgrounds road.

Friday rides will start from King’s Way Church.

Maps and road markings

All routes are marked with color-coded arrows (as shown in the descriptions below) and supplementary signs. The Ride With GPS mobile app provides a comprehensive way to navigate the routes and other services. We also provide printed maps and cue sheets at the event check-in area.

Starting Times 

The Horsey Hundred does not have an official starting time. You can start whenever you like, but we strongly suggest you consider starting at a time listed on the schedule to ensure SAG and rest stop availability.

Looking for information on the Tandem Rally? Click here for details.

May 24
Route Climbing (ft) Suggested Start Rest Stops
34 Mile 2,004 9am - 3pm None*
23 Mile 1,443 9am - 3pm None*

Start Location: King’s Way Church

SAG Service: 9am – 5pm

* There is no rest stop, but there is a store stop option at the Dixie Cafe in Keene

May 25
Route Climbing (ft) Suggested Start Rest Stops
101 Mile Yellow 6,507 7am - 8:30am 6
82 Mile Yellow 5,119 7am - 8:30am 5
66 Mile Orange 3,994 8am - 9:30am 4
43 Mile Blue 2,770 8am - 10am 2
26 Mile Green 1,641 8am - 10am 1

SAG Service: 7am – 7pm

Riders can decide on 101 versus 82 at the rest stop at mile 56.

May 26
Route Climbing (ft) Suggested Start Rest Stops
74 Mile Yellow 4,393 7am - 8am 4
56 Mile Orange 3,236 7am - 8:30am 3
31 Mile Blue 1,863 7am - 8:30am 1
21 Mile Green 1,272 8am - 9am 1

SAG Service: 7am – 4pm

  • Requests are handled on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Delays may be experienced during times of high volume.
  • Riders are expected to fix flats and make minor repairs themselves.
  • Riders are expected to pay for any parts required during repairs.


Beautiful countryside, low traffic, courteous drivers, friendly participants, excellent volunteers, many ride options. Our favorite of all rides!

Very well organized. Great support with sag vehicles clearly, frequently visible. Great volunteers, so friendly and helpful. Great group of riders, friendly and nice. This is my 4th time and I’ll be back. I rode by myself as all my friend riders had to bail for various reasons. I am glad I came and rode. Beautiful country, great support, and enthusiastic riders.

All the volunteers I encountered were friendly and helpful and did a terrific job!  Route selection was excellent with great road markings. Rest stops were well placed and filled with great snacks.

Always a professional event. My favorite of the Kentucky Challenge. Looking forward to next year. Could you hold two per year?