The Horsey Hundred

Sap rises in the trees. Warm breezes bearing the faintest scent of magnolias ruffle our hair. Long, cool shadows stretch ahead. The sun opens the day, ushering in Nature’s vivid gorgeousness.

Paddocks line the roads. Fences in big, open, refreshing patterns outline the subtle texture of Kentucky bluegrass. Mares graze with languid, unconscious, almost indifferent beauty, minding foals frolicking nearby: the equine nobility.

Rounding a corner we surprise deer. Momentarily frozen, then they flash away.

We pause for a breath in small towns with casual charm. Giggling girls in a gazebo. Checkers on the front porch. Music wafts out open windows, some Mozart, some Aretha Franklin. Katy Perry.

One lane roadways, sun baked, just a little bit relaxed. A whispering brook escorts us through the valley. Maybe we stop and wade a bit.

Hours later we celebrate. Tables are smothered with platters of food. We picnic on the lawn. Dusk falls, accented by flickering fireflies. Rising moon, softly luminous, like alabaster lit from behind. Dancing in the streets. Honeysuckle night.

The first, best moments of summer….

What are you doing Memorial Day Weekend?